Baby Bottle

Baby Bottle of Mamachi

Mamachi is a pure Korean which means "Like something".Mamachi portrays our ideology of developing products just "like a mother thinking of her child."

마마치 젖병 소개

Mamachi was developed under the ideology of "Like a mother's heart".
Mamachi portrays mother's desire to let her little one feel sensibility and body temperature of the mother.

Points of Mamachi Baby Bottle

  • Mamachi is entirely made out of liquid silicone. Babies can safely use them as it is free from environmental hormone.
  • Mamachi delivers the coziness of a mother's breast as it potrays mother's breast.
  • Wide nipple base allow babies to comfortably drink from Mamachi bottle as they would while breast feeding.
  • High-ring of the nipple prevents adhesion of nipple and anti-colic function aids in digestion for safer feeding.
  • Liquid silicone has excellent heat and cold resistant which allows longer usage. It also allows various sterilizing methods such as boiling water, bottle sterilizer and more.